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Bought MY First Ukulele!

SQOE SQ-UK-402 Concert UkuleleImage Source:  In my previous post, I’ve mentioned that we bought a cheap ukulele for my son. Of course, I consider it mine, too (after all, I paid for it 😀). But then, it’s for my son, so I’m just really borrowing it. I’ve been having GAS (Gear Acquistion Syndrome) since I figured […]

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Learning How To Play the Uke!

Hey, y’all! How’s everything going with you? I’m not quite active for a very long while now (been buried in seemingly endless outpour of tasks, a lot of them involves not being able to go out, and walwal haha. Although that’s something that I haven’t done since I’ve started a family of my own.) Anyhoo, […]

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