Bought MY First Ukulele!

SQOE SQ-UK-402 Concert Ukulele
Image Source: https://www.themusicsourceph.com/

 In my previous post, I’ve mentioned that we bought a cheap ukulele for my son. Of course, I consider it mine, too (after all, I paid for it ๐Ÿ˜€). But then, it’s for my son, so I’m just really borrowing it. I’ve been having GAS (Gear Acquistion Syndrome) since I figured out how easy it is to play. FINALLY, I gave in. Hahaha. 

I usually don’t cave in to may desires (because, gastos). But, this one, I must have. It is very rare for me to really want something for myself. Mostly, I buy stuff either for my kid and husband. It usually takes me about a year (or a few months short), before I click the “Checkout” button. I don’t know about you, but when I browse for some stuff online, I usually add them to my cart, let it stay there until I revert, and remove it (the gastos part always wins). And tonight, something really astounding happened. 
While I was working, I decided to feed my curiosity (I’m usually like this when I’m “Gassing”). Of course, the first thing I always check out would be Lazada, but there’s a lot of stuff in there that don’t really tip the scales for me. I see some good brands in there, like Enya, but then, the really good ones were priced really high (dreaming of a Koa wood uke). I didn’t really want to buy anything which doesn’t have a lot of good reviews or brand isn’t really well-known so I went to my friend Google.
Then there it was! It’s not Koa wood, but it’s made of walnut wood and I love it already. I’ve shown it to my husband and he gave me the thumbs up (of course, I told him a little bit of background on the type of wood, how it’s made, etc). He liked the grain of wood, and I agree. It’s the 24-inch SQOE Ukulele SQ-UK-402. Just look at that beauty ๐Ÿ˜.

Initially, I planned on buying the spalted maple version (SQ-UK-452), but the online store apparently doesn’t have it on stock anymore. I’ll spill the beans: I placed an order for the UK-452 series in The Music Source PH. But it looks like someone who’s in charge of their inventory failed to update the stocks on site. When I checked how long it will take for the uke to be shipped out, they went back to me saying it was already out of stock (bummer). They tried offering the UK-440 and UK-430, but I said I specifically placed an order for the UK-452. Although they tried looking further if they have any stock left, they still ended up with nothing. I just wished they update their inventory regularly so people won’t have to be forced to buy something else, just because the original item they want isn’t available. I didn’t accept any of the other two, and just requested that my order be cancelled and my money be refunded. Then I received the refund in a few minutes. All of a sudden, all their ukes on site (except for the Stagg ones) became out of stock. Sucks, right? By the way, the reason I didn’t like the uk-440 and uk-430 is that they both sport Spruce top–something a regular acoustic guitar (I’m maarte like that) would have.

Anyway, I didn’t really stop there. Since I want to inspect the goods before buying and I also like to see if there’s something else that I can check out, we went to a music store instead, and that’s where I saw the one pictured above. The SQOE UK-402 is also a concert ukulele which has a crisp/clear tone–just amazing! It was low-action, too, so it was easier to handle–way better than the one I was originally using. It’s not even comparable.  Not to mention, it has an active pickup so I didn’t really mind the slight bump on its price tag. It was a happy day, indeed. ๐Ÿ™‚