Change Of Plans

Well, I might have posted prematurely about my plans on travelling 😀 I’ve put in a lot of thought in it, and decided to not push through. For one, I have to prioritize buying a new laptop over getting gaga over gala. The laptop I bought in 2015 is starting to die on me. Although I replaced the HDD it came with with a Samsung EVO 860 (it improved the performance, 10 times–okay that was an exaggeration–5 times better than when I first used it), the battery (which has also been replaced) isn’t really allowing me to work without keeping it plugged in. As you know (if you’ve been reading my blog from way back), I work remotely and getting stuck at home just because my laptop’s battery juice doesn’t last long just doesn’t cut it anymore for me. That and there’s this serious case of long power outages–we’ve been experiencing power interruptions almost every other day (no exaggeration here), announced and unannounced. I simply cannot have that happening all the time.
Now, I bought a new one (via installment–I’ll discuss this on a different post), and that one problem was solved. I thought that was the end of it, Boy, I was so wrong haha. Aside from my plight with my old laptop’s long and meaningful (it’s my job’s lifeblood) life, there’s this unexpected expense that we had to take care of. We’ve been having trouble with the power interruptions, right? That didn’t sit well with most of the electronic appliances we have at home, the TV in particular. We bought that LED TV a few months after I got the old laptop (in 2015). But it got damaged by the repeated upsurge of electricty every time the power comes back on (we unplug it, in case you think of berating me for it) after a few seconds of power out. The TV’s audio is’t really affected, but the screen is a completely different story. To make the story short, we bought another TV as the one we have isn’t working now. got it just less than a week after I bought a laptop. Talk about gastos. Amazing, no? When it rains, it pours. 

Anyway, I’m just rambling. I hope y’all are doing great and not affected by these rotational (and unscheduled) power outages. It looks like water supply is also starting to become a problem in some areas. And in case you haven’t noticed, it looks like summer isn’t done yet, so stay safe and hydrated, everyone!