Off To Somewhere!

Haymzoegzoited! For years, I’ve hoped to travel outside the country and, well, that came to reality when I flew to China several times since 2018–but that was work-related.

Honestly, I had lots of fun during those trips, considering the stress it came with is immeasurable. But, as I’ve said that was related to my job, so the “gala at muni-muni” only happens during days-off and I had to go to work in a real office. Anyway, I was so looking forward to traveling outside this archipelago and it looks like it’s going to happen (again) anytime soon. Yay! The stress part is not going anywhere, though. Lol. I’m taking my work with me (Imma call myself a digital nomad then, although temporarily), but I’ll be working during my regular schedule, just not in an office.

But, what I’m really excited about is, I’ll be seeing different sceneries, maybe meet old friends along the way, and I get to spend time with a few family members. The best part? S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G — Haha!

I’ll be filling my next post with travel photos para maumay kayo. Haha. Char lang!