YouTube Channels Boo-boo

It’s such a shame that though I have literally been spending a huge chunk of my tme online than offline, I manage to f*ck up in setting up a YouTube channel (or YouTube channels). All this time, I thought I was uploading to just ONE channel. Apparently, I have two! (This is why I wouldn’t trust myself getting into vlogging hahahaha).
I have a bunch of videos on my other channel, and I don’t really want to mess it up even more by deactivating one of those two channels. Gosh! I hate it! Hahahaha. Now, I had to manually download my videos and upload them on only one channel. Ehrmhergerd. Bakit ba kasi ang dami kong kaartehang nalalaman?!? Photah talaga hahahahha.
Anyway, I’m waiting for my video archive to complete. Yeah, there’s this Google Takeout, which I only learned about tah-day, just because I want to merge my channels. Since there’s no built-in way of actually merging, I had to resort to downloading an archive of my videos I uploaded. Those videos would have to be manually uploaded to the channel I’ll keep. Hey, YouTube/Google! I hope you are listening and checking for feedback (as if they would–it’s worth a try though) 😀 BTW, I found the guide here. Although there was an option to download using Creator Studio Classic, I just opted for Takeout. With Google Takeout, I didn’t really have to manually download each video, unlike on Creator Studio Classic where videos are to be downloaded one by one. Nuh-uh. 
This is how it looks like. I normally wouldn’t post my blunders, but just in case you are in the same situation as I am, you would want to check for ways on merging YouTube channels. Me no want you to suffer maintaining multiple accounts, and end up abandoning one or some of the channels you have.
I am still waiting for the archiving process to finish as I type this. From the looks of it, I might have to wait for several hours (I’ve got a total of 3.3 GB worth of videos). But we’ll see later on. I’m going to update this post, maybe later (could be today or another day), I’m just not exactly sure when. Haha.