YouTube Channels Boo-boo Part II

Well, well, well. I guess I even made things worse from the last time I tried merging my YouTube channels. So far, the videos were downloaded just fine. BUT, there’s a but, I haven’t really had the chance to upload them because I seriously don’t know which one of the two channels I’m going to keep.
For starters, the channel I made in conjunction with this blog turned out to be my very first YouTube channel. Apparently, I made that way back (2011) which is a few years before I started this blog. But I didn’t really use it that much. Meanwhile, the other one was set up 2 years ago (2017). Remind me again how stupid it was to not know I have two channels XD.
These two channels, though separate, belong to just one Google account. I didn’t really know it was even possible. I think I might have created a Brand account so that might be something I had to check. Right now, I’m really not sure about what to do. I’m not going to switch to vlogging anytime soon so maybe, I’ll keep them both for now. Oo, nagsayang ako ng bandwidth dahil sa aking kaeklatan. Hahahaha! I don’t know. I feel like I’ve become really impulsive these days. I can’t keep still, and at the same time, I have razor-sharp focus when I like, no–LOVE, what I’m doing.
Anyway, I might just help out one of my sisters on setting up her own YouTube channel. She’s a rabid, I mean, an avid user of skincare products and has a very dark sense of humor–I guess it runs in the family. I’d have to see her take on reviewing products she use, and how she’d make it compelling (that part is something I need to work on, too. Albeit in a different form). Makikiuso na daw sya. Pagbigyan.