Gratitude Journal # 1

I figured I’ve got a lot of great things (and not-so great things) going in my life right now and just today, I realized these are the things I should be grateful for. This is a stretch from my usual posts, but here goes…

I woke up today! Of course, I am thankful for another day that gives me a lot of opportunities to do good or even mess up. I might look like I’m gonna murder someone as soon as I open my eyes but it’s a reason to celebrate 😀
Learning new things every day. May it be from work, or from random reading or even daily experiences, I gain new knowledge that I can use wherever/whenever I see fit.
We’re healthy! It allows me and my family to do things we like. Our minds and body function well.
Food on the table. Back when I was a kid, I could care less about food. But then again, it gives me nourishment which leads me back to #3.
Roof over our heads. Having a place to live in (without actually paying for it) is huge for me. A few years ago, I and my family were living on our own, renting an apartment. We’ve had a house but we can’t really call it our own. Now, we live with our parents and I’ve got no complaints.
This could be as random as it could get so, here goes the rest of it:

I still have a job. I know I messed up a lot of times, but I still get to keep it. I’m not sure what it’s going to be for me a few years from now, but I’m glad I am still here.

It’s raining! The rain helps the parched earth allow plants to grow, lets children play outside with water spattering on their faces, and make the surroundings cool after a hot, sunny day.
Living in a country with only two but great seasons. There’s no snow, which is fine with me. Having only two seasons yearly helps me save money on clothing and insulation.
My son agreed to get a haircut from a real barber regularly! (Not from “mommy-barber” anymore haha). This is quite a stretch since he doesn’t really like the snipping sounds. For a child with autism, who is literaly overwhelmed by a lot of sounds, textures, etc. it was such a brave and grown-up thing to do.
Got some savings and I manage to keep it that way–savings. Well, it’s hard to save up some moolah these days but we’re able to put a certain amount in our bank account
That sums it up! I know I may have missed out on a few other things. But I hope that you also stop every now and then to think about what huge effect these little things play in your daily lives. Arrivederci!