Back Home. AGAIN!

Hey, y’all! It seems like I only get to post something about everytime I change platforms lol. Anyway, I’m back here on this place I call “home”, where I could babble just about anything, and everything. There’s been a whole lot of changes I had to deal with and now, I’m here again!

Yuh. As if I went somewhere. Haha. If you’d noticed, ze blog’s back in it’s sad, boring, plain template–it’s because I switched it back to Blogger.com. Don’t get me wrong. I’m comfortable using this platform from the very start as this was what I used when I decided to push through with blogging. It’s just that I’m going to miss the ease of using plugins on WordPress. Like I said, I’ve always been comfortable using Blogger and I can make things work because HTML makes it happen. And it’s free, so here I am!