Quarantine Thoughts #1

It’s been three months since we’ve been staying home, it could really get anyone thinking about a lot of more important things and even the smaller ones that we usually take for granted or hardly ever notice. The smallest details are usually those that matter the most or make a lot of difference.
During the first few weeks into the community quarantine we’ve been placed under, I haven’t really thought about things like these that much. For one, staying at home for most of my time isn’t really a new concept to us. Ever since I was in college, I realized I like spending time at home, mostly by myself (I used to live on my own in an apartment), doing stuff that I like. I used to go out ocassionally with friends, I get to practice with my band, or with my team (I was a member of the volleyball team for the uni I went to back in the day), and the outreach activities with the sorority I belong to. May seem a lot, but it really isn’t, unlike most college students now. Anyway, staying home appealed to me more as I grow older, and I guess got tired of stuff I usually did. And when I started working, I was again back to not being at home for a huge chunk of time. Flash-forward to when I switched to work from home, it was the very first time I’ve felt that I can do a lot more.. Like online shopping, and I tell you, this is something that could turn into a bad habit.
Over the years, almost not breaking away from the computer and staying at home, I had to look for stuff online just so I could de-stress. Yeap! It’s like a virtual “window-shopping”. There’s Lazada, Zalora, and more recently Shopee (not really a fan of Facebook Marketplace, though). These are all my companions because I never really thought Amazon is going to happen here in the Philippines. Well, it didn’t but there are others that paved the way for the age of e-commerce in this third-world country. To make matters worse, a lot of other businesses transitioned to e-commerce solutions. And that’s what made it easier for me to spend more and more. Hahaha! 
Since ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) started, almost everything went back to the very basic 90’s living. No online shopping, no deliveries, no malling, and no going out anytime, no eating out, and a lot of other stuff. Heck, you can’t even buy some supplies in bulk because everyone’s mostly limited to 2 pieces of each kind.
But this situation taught me even more. Like whenI feel like buying something but it’s not really necessary, I’d think again because–priorities. It’s okay to splurge on things I want sometimes. After all, I earned it! But of course I make sure it’s not out of envy. People buy or spend money on stuff or other meaningless shit to impress or even annoy other people. It’s always beneficial to not even try to think about being around any of those kinds of people. If I give in, it’s my defeat so I see to it that if I pay for something, I’m doing it for the right reasons, specifically for my self or for my family. Not because I’d like other people to be in awe or envious of me, but because it’s something I really like.