Tonight You Belong To Me – Patience & Prudence (Ukulele Cover), International Online Shopping Mini Tutorial

Hey, y’all! Site’s back from maintenance! I made a couple of videos these past few weeks and I uploaded them to my YouTube semi-channel lol. Since I live far from my hometown and away from my siblings, I didn’t have anyone to do harmonies with, so I did it on my own. Here’s one song that I’ve been meaning to do a cover of—Tonight You Belong To Me. I chanced upon this song several times when I used to binge-watch American Horror Stories. I forgot about it, but then I listened to Eddie Vedder’s Ukulele Songs album recently, so I got inspired again. Finally made my super short ukulele cover. 

I checked out some chords from most ukulele chords sites I know, but I went with the chords from Doctoruke.com. I’m trying to do as many covers as I can (forgive me, if this blog is suddenly flooded with ukulele covers) for my ear training, so I might also post some other together with chords. 

The ukulele I used here was the one I recently bought, which is the Flight NUP310 (it’s a pineapple-shaped soprano scale ukulele). I got it from an online music store in Europe. But if you’re more comfortable shopping on Amazon for a pineapple uke, you can feast your eyes on them here. For other Flight ukuleles, they’re all here (Note: this is just a personal recommendation).

If you’re in the Philippines like me, but don’t know how you’d get your ukes or other stuff you bought from Amazon (US or Europe), you can get them delivered to your own US/Europe address using My Shopping Box. Then have your stuff delivered to your Philippine address. 

P.S. My Shopping Box is a package handling and freight forwarding/re-forwarding service that delivers our US/Europe store-bought stuff to your home address.

P.P.S. Check the rates before you ship out (in case you’ll use My Shopping Box). If, by any chance, the shipping rate on My Shopping Box will cost higher, by all means, use the shipping service provided by the online store (syempre, dun tayo sa mas mura). But you’d have to look for sellers/stores that ship internationally.

P.P.P.S. (disclosure) I get a small commission when you sign-up using my MSB (My Shopping Box) link. 🙂

Hope this post helps (with your UAS, lol)! Enjoy!