Coping With Stress

Long before this COVID-19 pandemic started, many of us have been dealing with stress in our own ways. And for me (and many others), it’s through music that I get by. Some won’t understand and would even think that learning some songs adds up to it. But hey, we’re all unique and we handle things differently. 🙂 

For the most part, I usually get interested in songs used in TV series I watch. But that’s for easy listening and chill time. You can tell the amount of stress I’m in by the difficulty of the songs work on. The more stressed I am, the more difficult the song choice is. Why would I put myself through more stress? Lol. It really helps me concentrate on just the music and take my mind off of the other stuff that I worry about.

These days, I feel so burned out. It may not look like it, but I really am. I’m not complaining. I just feel like I’m not myself anymore. I’m under a lot of stress lately (well not just lately but for a long time now) and I can feel that it’s taking a toll on my overall health. I exercise, of course, and eat healthy food but I feel that that’s not enough. We can’t really go out like we used to, given this global situation we’re in. It would be great if we can but it’s scary out there.

I don’t like to wallow in sadness or whatever negative feelings I have. Of course, I let those feelings in, but I don’t dwell them. It’s tiring and it drains what little positive energy I have left so I choose not to focus on it too much. Instead, I turn to music, may it be on the guitar, ukulele, plain singing, or singing while playing. Aside from my family and a few close friends who always have my back, music has always been an integral part of me. I don’t really care if I’m not that good hahaha. I don’t care either if others completely don’t get it or support what I do. I just do it for myself and my well-being.

I’m not sure if you feel this, too, but everytime I finish a song or at least half of it, I feel relief and lighter. It might seem like temporary, but I feel good about it and myself for having accomplished something even if it’s a small one. While I can’t change the current scenery I face everyday, I could change what I feel just by merely picking up my uke and strumming a few tunes so forgive me if you see a lot of ukulele-related posts. It means I’m so stressed and this is my only way of de-stressing. How about you? How do you handle stress?

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