Flight NUP 310 Pineapple Soprano Ukulele Review

It’s been a while since I got my pineapple ukulele in the mail and I’d like to share my thoughts with you about it. First would be how fast it got here (a bit less than 2 weeks). Given that it came all the way from the Netherlands during these crazy times (COVID-19 pandemic), that’s quite fast, as opposed to what other members in Ukelandia experienced (it took around 2 months for some). 

It was delivered by UPS so it was delivered straight to my home address. Anyway, I got the NUP310 based on Bernadette Teaches Music’s Review. Before I started out studying ukulele, I didn’t have any idea about good ukulele brands. Of course the most popular ones are always being reviewed like Kala, the pricier Ohana, and some other good ones. But then I don’t really like how sellers here in the Philippines mark the price up so high so I looked for alternatives. And that’s when I watched Bernadette’s review. I happen to see it as well on other ukulele reviews on YouTube so I decided to go for it.

This is probably the most seamless and hassle free online purchase I’ve had in a while. It’s not a really huge package but it’s definitely bigger than the items I buy online. And the package came here without any damage, with the ukulele in it protected by the box, bubble wrap, and the gig bag.

The first few days, of course, the ukulele wouldn’t stay in tune but it quickly settled (around 1 week). The sound was pretty awesome as I realized this tiny pineapple shaped ukulele “sings” louder than my SQOE concert ukulele. It’s probably due to the Strings (I replaced my concert uke’s strings with Titanium D’addarios).

It sounds warm and bright, it it feels really good in my hands. The only drawback was that it’s a bit louder than what my ear wants to hear. A good demonstration of how loud it is is my Surfer Girl cover:

I had to sing a little louder (I was using my phone to record, no condenser mic yet) and edit the audio but I can’t really separate the voice so I just had to stick with this recording. Any way, I don’t have any major issues and I might buy another one from Flight (or probably an Enya, although not the Nova U model). I highly recommend it, especially for beginners who are looking for a budget ukulele that’s well-made. 
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