Globe At Home DSL Unli Plan 2499 50mbps Review

I haven’t posted anything about ISPs these days as I’ve been pretty busy with other things (learning ukulele during breaks, work, and all things about life). But I’m here again as I realized there’s a ot of people who need some help making decisions  (naks, feeling super lol).  If you haven’t read my previous review of the Globe Unlimited Broadband Plan 1899, check it out here. Please note: It’s a DSL plan and the experience may entirely be different in your area (DSL may or may not be available), as sometimes DSL availability could be limited.

Anyway, before you get too excited and immediately sign those papers these Globe Broadband agents are asking you to sign, stop. At least for the time being and when you’ve already made a fair amount of research. You wouldn’t want to end up with a crappy service for your online business/work or your kids’ online learning. It is best to be cautious and you need to be completely sure that the service is going to work.

Why Upgrade Or Change Broadband Plan?

I’m sure most of you have an existing internet connection–broadband or mobile broadband. But at this point, having the “right ISP” matters. Why? We can’t really go back to the way things were before this pandemic shitstorm happened so most of the stuff that we usually do outside the house is now being done online (not all but most of it like work, school, businesses). Mobile broadband just wouldn’t cut it, especially if you have multiple devices at home or there are more than three people who will use the internet.

What You Need To Know When Upgrading Or When Signing Up for Internet Service?

  • Download speeds – Most advertisements from ISPs or even sales agents would tell you that the download speed is this high but that’s not the complete picture. Here’s an example:

    If you don’t pay close attention, you would have missed the “up to” bit. This means that you may or may not get the exact download speed that the plan offers. Don’t get your hopes up because hitting the download speed promised has never happened, at least from my experience with our ISPs here in the Philippines. You can’t go screaming at their poor reps on the phone just because you’re only getting 45Mbps. 

    Here’s my actual speedtest result on this plan, done on a Sunday morning:


Now, the plan I have is the Globe Unlimited 2499 Plan which has up to 50Mbps download speed. Notice that I said “up to” because that’s what it is. Based on the speed test result I got, I’m only getting a bit more than half of what the I should get. But I don’t really mind. We have two laptops and 4 smartphones, plus 1 TV with Globe Streamwatch. We can stream all at the same time without any hiccups. I’m not sure if it’s due to my location or because most of the subscribers here in my area are on PLDT (less competition on slots lol), but I notice the huge difference with PLDT Fibr (my parents are PLDT Fibr subscribers and their connection kind of sucks).  

  • Your Device – Is your smartphone quite old ie 6-year old or more. If it is, it probably is going to yield a less than satisfactory speedtest result. And you’ll also feel a significant “downward pull” as soon as you start watching videos. That’s not your internet connection’s doing. It’s mostly your device’s fault. Consider updating your device’s firmware or possibly a device upgrade.
  • Uploads could affect your browsing experience – Most of the time, when we’re all streaming ie watching YouTube or Netflix, we don’t get the all too familiar hiccups. But when someone is uploading, especially a high definition video and is super huge, it hogs all the bandwidth causing the other people on the same connection to experience slow speeds or even get disconnected. This is especially true for internet connections that has low upload speeds. Your connection gets “choked”. By the way, your phones or any other devices that are set to automatically backup data up in the “cloud” ie Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., these take up the upload stream so it could also affect the overall internet speed. If you’d like to reduce that, only set your devices for manual backups. 
  • There’s a huge difference between wireless and wired connection – When considering an upgrade or signing up for an internet service, you’d want to check the type of connection you’re going to get. This is one factor that hugely affects your experience as a consumer. If DSL (wired) is available in your area, I’d recommend that you sign up for it instead of the so-called high-speed LTE connection. Here in the Philippines, when you say LTE, it’s mostly wireless internet. I have prepaid backup connections from Globe and PLDT and I’d say they’re pretty decent (depending on where I’m using them) but they’re just that–for backups in case DSL gets messed up. These connections are okay with tasks that are not bandwidth-hungry but if you’re going to use your connection mostly for heavier stuff like video conferencing on Zoom or Google Meet, wireless may not be able to keep up with your usage.
Now going back to my thoughts about this Globe 50mpbs plan, I’d say that it’s working really well, considering we have multiple devices connected. It’s been several months now since this pandemic happened and for a bit, the service kind of degraded to some extent. But Globe actually did some maintenance. It’s way better now and I’m not thinking of switching anytime soon because, for one, we’re still in contract lol, and I’m still pretty much okay with how the service is going. 
For those who might be wondering about the area I’m in, I’m currently in the northern part of Nueva Ecija where Globe DSL connection is available. You can also check if Globe is available in your location
NOTE: This isn’t a sponsored post. I diss a lot of services here on my blog haha. And I also give great feedback purely based on my experiences and not some paid promotions.