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Strings By Mail Review

Since I got my tenor ukulele, I’ve been checking for feedback about which brand of ukulele strings would sound good on it. Of course, it won’t really matter what strings I use, but it depends on the sound that I like. That’s why I went in groups and forums so I’d get some feedback on what brands of strings I should consider buying.

It’s not really hard to look for info online (thanks to those who responded to my queries, and some older posts). The difficult part here is where to find the most recommended strings (based on the feedback/suggestions I got, I should check out Worth strings, Oasis, Fremont, etc).

Ukulele Strings
Worth Strings Clear Fluorocarbon (CT-LG), Aquila New Nylgut Tenor Low G (wound) 15U

I checked local online shops like Shopee, Lazada for these strings. I found the Worth Clear Fluorocarbon Strings Set CT-LG (Low G Tenor) in Lazada. However, it costs PhP 1140 plus PhP 172 shipping (PhP1312 or roughly $28 USD). I get that the price isn’t too much but I find it a little pricey. Here’s why:

Where To Buy Ukulele Strings:

I found Strings By Mail in one of the forums I joined (I’m not sure which one but I think it’s Reddit). In Strings By Mail’s “About” page, it’s indicated that it’s been around since 1999. It also offers a wide array of products such as sheet music, other accessories, and musical instrument parts. Strings By Mail carries most brands that are hard to find here in the Philippines. But for the most part, if there’s any of those brands here, they’d mostly be overpriced.

To keep the story short, I placed an order for a set of “Aquila Tenor Ukulele Nylgut Strings LowG GCEA Tuning (1 wound) 15U” and “Worth Ukulele Strings Clear Fluoro-Carbon Tenor Low-G CT-LG 63 inch“. This is the actual order total cost (shipping fee included):

Strings By Mail Checkout Page

The price of these two sets with the shipping fee is almost the same with the price of that one set in Lazada!

I didn’t really monitor how long it took for me to receive my package. But I’d say around two weeks. I intentionally ignored it so I wouldn’t be anxious waiting for it in the mail. Lol. Talk about delayed gratification. Anyway, I got the strings already so I’ll follow this post with a review of the Worth Clears. Or the Aquila. I don’t know-I haven’t made up my mind yet. Although, Aquila is the one mostly used so I kind of know what it would sound like.

Final Thoughts

We can find a lot of options and we shouldn’t stop with Lazada or Shopee or even Facebook Marketplace. You’d get ripped off when you buy through those channels. Afterall, we spend hours on the internet more than ever. We can use that time to look for ways to save money on our online purchases.

P.S. Post not sponsored. I paid for the strings myself.