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YouTube Channels Boo-boo Part II

Well, well, well. I guess I even made things worse from the last time I tried merging my YouTube channels. So far, the videos were downloaded just fine. BUT, there’s a but, I haven’t really had the chance to upload them because I seriously don’t know which one of the two channels I’m going to […]

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YouTube Channels Boo-boo

It’s such a shame that though I have literally been spending a huge chunk of my tme online than offline, I manage to f*ck up in setting up a YouTube channel (or YouTube channels). All this time, I thought I was uploading to just ONE channel. Apparently, I have two! (This is why I wouldn’t […]

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Change Of Plans

Well, I might have posted prematurely about my plans on travelling 😀 I’ve put in a lot of thought in it, and decided to not push through. For one, I have to prioritize buying a new laptop over getting gaga over gala. The laptop I bought in 2015 is starting to die on me. Although […]

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Off to somewhere
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Off To Somewhere!

Haymzoegzoited! For years, I’ve hoped to travel outside the country and, well, that came to reality when I flew to China several times since 2018–but that was work-related. Honestly, I had lots of fun during those trips, considering the stress it came with is immeasurable. But, as I’ve said that was related to my job, […]

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The Other Side Of “Happy”

WordPress asked “What’s on your mind” so here I am, spending approximately fifteen minutes writing about what I’m thinking at the moment. I haven’t really given it much thought for the last five years, but I am starting to see (and feel) that I’ve turned into someone who I’ve dreaded I would become someday; WORKAHOLIC. […]

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