The Blog

This blog first came to life in 2013 (July) on the Blogger.com platform. It went through a series of changes (Blogger.com to WordPress) and was shut off in 2016 due to several reasons. Now, it's back and starting over through its roots.

This is still a blog that's just about anything the blogger would like to talk/write about. It could get boring sometimes. But this blog is once again resurrected as the mother who runs it before cannot contain herself. She has to write again.

This year 2017, on the fifteenth day of January, is another beginning. Beginning of new adventures, randomness, facts, musings, and thoughts. You might see things here that may be useless to you. But the Blogger Mother doesn’t care. She will write again.

And she writes, again.

The Blogger

Hi, y'all! My name is Genesis Domingo and Blogger Mother is one of my many homes (I have several other blogs) here in the blogosphere. I first took interest in blogging back in college. I made some, but forgot about them completely as I was busy with school, band, volleyball and many other things. Little did I know, I'd be back in full-swing, years later when I was already a mom (2013). I was able to gather a very small number of readers (less than a hundred) and most of them were family and friends, the rest are those who found this blog on Google. I felt like I had to "upgrade" so I tested the waters which led me to the most flexible blogging platform I know (WordPress).

When I got a regular job (I now work from home), it got so busy over there that I had to set my blogging aside. This blog was eventually put on hold due to growing responsibilities at work and at home. I had to say goodbye for quite a while, until I can't stand it anymore. I came back in 2017, using the same platform I've started with (Blogger). I may not have the same set of readers but I'm positive that some people would find their way to this place I call "my other home", and eventually find something useful in it.

A bit (I promise!) more about me:

  • Resting-B*tch-Face is my brand of makeup.
  • Coffee  and tea junkie (I know, bad combo)
  • Once wanted to be a veterinarian
  • Still loves animals, especially canine friends, but decided veterinary medicine isn't my destiny
  • Loves all things tech and is now in the tech-support industry.
  • Wannabe photog
  • I used to play volleyball
  • Aspie kid parent 
  • Wife to a rockstar (love your own).
  • Loves listening to ska, reggae, soul, jazz, blues, funk
  • Novo Ecijano
  • Sleep is a foreign thing to me
  • I talk to myself sometimes 😆
  • Cheese is ♥
  • Can't stay offline

Aaaand, that's a wrap!

No,  here's more haha: genesisdomingo.com