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Third Ukulele – KM Tenor Ukulele (UAS Is Real)

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Coping With Stress

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Globe At Home DSL Unli Plan 2499 50mbps Review

Do More Than Just Exist

“What’s on your mind?” I gotta tell you,  I have a lot. I think mostly about work and how I can generate extra income. You might say that’s it’s a good thing, but my

Back Home. AGAIN!

Hey, y’all! It seems like I only get to post something about everytime I change platforms lol. Anyway, I’m back here on this place I call “home”, where I could babble just about anything,

Gratitude Journal # 1

I figured I’ve got a lot of great things (and not-so great things) going in my life right now and just today, I realized these are the things I should be grateful for. This

I’m Writing Again (on Paper)

It’s been a while since I wrote–journaling, in particular. Back in college, my notebooks weren’t just for note-taking in during lectures. I filled most pages with my random ramblings, rants, doodles and all that

YouTube Channels Boo-boo Part II

Well, well, well. I guess I even made things worse from the last time I tried merging my YouTube channels. So far, the videos were downloaded just fine. BUT, there’s a but, I haven’t

How I Got A Home Based Job?

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert, but I’ll share as much as I can to help you in looking and applying for a legit online job. This is going to be one long post though.

YouTube Channels Boo-boo

It’s such a shame that though I have literally been spending a huge chunk of my tme online than offline, I manage to f*ck up in setting up a YouTube channel (or YouTube channels).

Change Of Plans

Well, I might have posted prematurely about my plans on travelling 😀 I’ve put in a lot of thought in it, and decided to not push through. For one, I have to prioritize buying

Blog Update!

Hey, y’all! You may have noticed that this blog’s look changed again. Don’t worry, it wasn’t hacked. I’m just doing a bunch of changes. Whatever you’re seeing now will be staying here for quite